What are we about?

Sintropher* is all about connecting better core areas with their more peripheral outlying regions.

Our main aim is to assess and promote development of new or improved tram services, linked to national rail systems (and, where relevant, regional airports) as one way to improve access into and out of EU regions which are disadvantaged by reason of being geographically peripheral within the context of North West Europe. The emphasis is on sustainable, cost-effective solutions which make best use of existing transport infrastructure by applying innovative technologies - an important consideration in regions where the cost of major new transport infrastructure may be a barrier.

We have a particular focus on tram-train systems which allow local trams to run on to national rail networks, as well as high-quality interchanges at key rail or air hubs.

This will all be tested across five demonstration regions in five EU Member States: Valenciennes (France), the Fylde Coast (UK), West Flanders (Belgium), North Hesse (Germany) and Nijmegen-Kleve (The Netherlands).

A key feature of the project is transnational cooperation. By working together, each region has the opportunity to benefit from knowledge transfer, joint problem-solving on economic and technological issues, exchange of experience, pilot projects and demonstration projects, and capitalising on best practice across the EU. There are fourteen project partners representing key agencies in the five demonstration regions, on a cross-sectoral basis including transport operators, local authorities and academic research expertise from across North-West Europe. The project is led by University College London (UCL) and ReBlackpool, and coordinated by Prof. Sir Peter Hall.

Sintropher has a budget of €23m, of which €7m is ERDF. As part of the European Union's regional policy, it is co-funded through INTERREG IVB.

Further details about the INTERREG IVB programme for North-West Europe can be found at

"Sustainable Transport for North-West Europe's Periphery"

*Sustainable Integrated Tram-Based Transport Options for Peripheral European Regions