Project Actions

Our approach is to focus on five in-depth regional demonstration projects involving 27 actions and 9 investments - economic and technical feasibility studies, pilot projects, demonstration projects, marketing trials, and comparative analysis of EU best practice. These are also configured into four cross-cutting work areas (or 'Work Packages') in order to promote knowledge transfer, joint working across the regions, exchange of experience and best practice:

  1. Technical and legal challenges in the application of new local transport systems
  2. Appraisal of economic feasibility and territorial impacts
  3. Knowledge transfer in improving the interoperability and accessibility of transport hubs
  4. Marketing strategies

This allows us to develop active knowledge transfer and practical joint working across the five regions, exchange experience, and jointly commission and benefit from best practice in other European cities and their regions.

Reporting will take the form of write-ups of our findings and policy briefings which will contain key recommendations for policy-makers and decision-makers at Community, national, regional and local levels of governance.

Mid-tem and final conferences will allow wider discussion of and participation in the issues and findings of the project, details of which will be posted on the website here.