Technology & Innovation

A key feature of Sintropher is the focus on development of cost-effective, user-friendly technologies. These include tram-trains and alternative fixed-route transport technologies, suitable for use in semi-rural peripheral regions.

Tram-trains are operational in North Hesse and will be researched for the Fylde Coast and Nijmegen-Kleve. In West Flanders and Valenciennes we will investigate low-cost variants on conventional tram systems. The advantages are a superior service quality over conventional rail, coupled with the flexibility, service penetration and cost-effectiveness of bus-based systems. But their adoption has been restricted to date, and better knowledge transfer is needed to increase their uptake.The ability to change easily from one mode of transport to another is critical in raising the attractiveness of public transport. Interchanges and transport hubs therefore play a key role at all levels: local to regional as well as national to international. By way of three demonstration projects in West Flanders we will focus on state-of-the-art ICT systems and good physical design solutions to knit interchanges closely within the urban fabric.