Building on the success of the tram-train technology pioneered in Karlsruhe, Kassel has developed its own system the RegioTram, linking the city tram network with the Deutsche Bahn mainline. A further innovation is the electro-diesel hybrid tram, which can operate on non-electrified routes by virtue of its onboard diesel engine.

Tram-train in Kassel has been running since 2007, and within Sintropher, the North Hesse actions centre on the assessment of the experience to date. These include:

  • Evaluation of the long-distance transport network's accessibility by local public transport, with special reference to the RegioTram
  • Improve the connectivity of the stations and stops on the RegioTram system with local communities within the context of enhanced economic development
  • A technical marketing evaluation survey of the reasons for choosing the RegioTram
  • Effects of the RegioTram service launch. What has been the impact of the RegioTram on the local and regional economy?
  • Development of new RegioTram marketing strategies. How are passengers targeted with ticketing and customer service information?
  • Interchanges as an aid to marketing. The focus here is on how stations can integrate with their communities (building on the successful activities, for instance of ACoRP in the UK)
  • Feasibility study into extending the RegioTram to Kassel-Calden airport
  • Feasibility study into extending the RegioTram to centres of employment in the Kassel region
  • A comparative assessment of different institutional, planning and operating structures for tram-train
  • A pilot project to use the RegioTram to promote integration of large employers and transport destinations within North Hesse

North Hesse is leading on the study into joint development of public transport marketing initiatives (Work Package 4).