Building on the success of its tramway system launched in 2006 (phases 1 and 2), Valenciennes is undertaking work to upgrade transport links to the north-east of the metropolitan area, the Pays de Condé (phase 3), as well as a second branch towards the Belgian border at Crespin (phase 4). These phases will make up the second tramway line.

  • It will serve 129,000 inhabitants along a route with 32 stations with a service frequency every 10 minutes for most of the line. The final three stations will be served every 20 minutes.
  • Passing loops at certain stations will allow trams to cross, and the associated signalling technology will be a technical challenge and necessitate innovative solutions.
  • The whole scheme will cost €155,022,000, of which the Sintropher allocation amounts to €11.09m (€2.22m ERDF, €8.88m match funding)