Economic and Financial Dimension

Partners undertook economic feasibility studies for new or extended tram or tram-train links  in their region - the UK (Blackpool/Fylde Coast) West Flanders (extension of the Kusttram) Netherlands (Nijmegen -Kleve disused cross-border rail link) Germany (Nordhessen RegioTram system) and France (Valenciennes new single-track Ligne 2).

To help promote investment in such links, Sintropher examined the direct  and indirect territorial impacts for 6 European city-regions, plus a review of cases in over 50 European cities..Even when there is a good investment case, partners’ experiences show how implementation is often impeded by lack of funding due to constraints on public expenditure in the current economic climate - Sintropher has produced a reference resource of innovative approaches to financing such schemes.

Sintropher also examined different approaches to appraise transport projects in seleceted European countries - in particular the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium/Flanders - to see if they facilitate (or not) development of tram-based projects and integration with territorial development strategies. Some countries (such as France and Germany) appear to be better at delivering high quality tram-based  systems – perhaps it is the appraisal system that contributes, in part, to this.