Project Actions

The initial Sintropher project in 5 regions, covered the feasibility of proposed new tram-based links, and investments in pilot and and demonstration projects - informed by overviews of EU good practice. This work covered various dimensions of investing in innovative tram-based systems - technical, organisational, economic and financial, connection to wider networks via good transport interchange hubs, and marketing to promote passenger demand and related territorial development opportunities.

The “Sintropher Plus” project extension covered 5 regional cases (including 2 new regions in the project) to show how a more integrated approach to territorial planning and transport investment, can help promote such tram-based systems for better regional connectivity - and generate urban regeneration and territorial development opportunities, which in turn can strengthen the investment case. It also developed a wider framework and tool for evaluating the investment case, going beyond the conventional monetary cost-benefit analysis required by government authorities in many countries of North West Europe.