Seamless Public Transport in 2030

The SYNAPTIC cluster project has launched a vision of a seamless public transport journey in 2030.

We take the example of what a completely joined-up international journey from Preston in NW England to Delft in the Netherlands could look like, considering connections, ticketing and information systems.

Focussed on the needs of the traveller, SYNAPTIC seeks to improve the overall door-to-door journey so that journeys become coordinated, integrated and easy to use, with points of friction between different stages removed or reduced.

Download the Action Plan.

We have also created a version for NW England which can be accessed here.

SYNAPTIC (Synergy of New Advanced Public Transport Solutions Improving Connectivity in North-West Europe), funded by EU INTERREG IVB, like Sintropher, brings together 52 partner organisations from eight countries in North West Europe.

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UCL study team: Peter Hall, Iqbal Hamiduddin, Robin Hickman, Peter Jones, Charles King and Colin Osborne.