Sintropher Seminar - Brussels September 2015

The results and recommendations of Sintropher were presented and discussed at a high-level Seminar in Brussels on September,  themed on “Connecting European regions using innovative transport: investing in tram- and rail-based systems” organised by Lead Partner University College London with the help of project partners, in association with the POLIS European network of cities and regions for innovative transport initiatives. Thirty delegates from invited European transport organisations and networks attended, together with project partners.

The project was delighted to welcome keynote speaker Michael Cramer MEP Chair of the European Parliament Transport and Tourism Committee, who presented the context of EU transport policy and current review of the EU Transport White Paper.

Professor Helmut Holzapfel of the University of Kassel (a project partner) spoke of how the RegioTram tram-train system had helped Kassel become recently the most dynamic city in Germany, and Jerome Pourbaix of UITP spoke of the wider economic benefits of new transport schemes and how to use this to help find finance the capital costs.

The Seminar discussed Sinropher’s results and recommendations, especially 10 success factors for making innovative tram-based schemes a reality, and how to implement recommendations at the relevant level - city/regional, national, EU.