Sintropher project results: a quick reference

Sintropher project results: a quick reference

Sintropher officially ended in October 2015 for the purposes of INTERREG Programme grant-funding and has produced a very large set of results across the seven partner regions, which partners are continuing to develop and use in the period after 2015, to generate long-lasting impacts - especially the continued successful operation of their demonstration projects, use of the feasibility assessments to leverage investment in building new /extended transport links, influence national and regional policies for example cost-benefit evaluation, and dissemination of European good practice such as the Guidelines for Good Transport Interchanges.

We are publishing a set of Reports and Summary of the results, conclusions and recommendations for the main target audiences of governmental authorities (local, regional, national) transport agencies, and transport practitioners (see separate features on this website, and the Publications tab). In the interim, we have assembled a short list of the main results and achievements as a “snapshot” at October 2015 - remembering that the achievements will continue to build up after 2015 as the partners generate further impacts.

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Additionally we have produced a video of some of the achievements and impacts in the partner regions. Including partners talking about the benefits of the project.

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