Project focus

Building on the success of the tramway Line 1, Valenciennes has upgraded transport links to the north-east of the metropolitan area. Line 2, to the Pays de Condé, runs nearly all on-street, but is mainly segregated for the most part from vehicle traffic. It covers 15.5 km with 22 stops.

The second line is of European importance as a demonstration project, being the first new tramway to be designed and operated as a single-track, bidirectional system over a significant length in an urban context. The approach saved money and minimised land-take especially in narrow urban streets, but necessitated several innovations: passing loops at stations allow trams to cross, and advanced signalling and control technology was required to enable bidirectional operation of urban tram services with high frequency, a considerable technical challenge.

The scheme has cost €155m of which the Sintropher contribution is €12m (approx. €2.5m  ERDF, €9.5m match funding) in order to finance the most innovative aspects of the scheme, namely the advanced signal and control system plus the required passing loops.